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I'm Caleb DeLeeuw, and I'm a Meta-Humanist. I specialize in techniques, practices, hacks, systems, & augments which aid in transcending the frontiers of human capability; Finding ways to bring our evolution as intelligent beings into a new age. I constantly seek out new doorways to becoming Meta-Human.
Through this quest I've participated in small-scale Float Tank research (see, Superlearning research, 6 months of extensive & detailed self-quantification,and am currently in the process of founding MetaHuman Labs, a cognitive nutrition supplement company.
-- The more that I enhance myself the better I feel and the better I become. The better I become, the more I feel the imperative to share this with the rest of the world. This blog is simply an extension of all this. I hope you'll join me on this quest to personal transformation, and help us to radically rethink thinking.
-- My Twitter is updated much more frequently due to the efficiency of text-to-post on the go.
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